International Students

As a U.S. Vocational School, Air Direct Airways is approved to accept International Students offering the M-1(I-20) visa.

Highlights of Air Direct Airways:

  • Offering Flight Instruction since 1997
  • Flying  in an ATC Controlled field; Nashua (KASH) is a Class D towered field and training from the beginning with a tower familiarizes the pilot early on with real-world flying
  • Adjacent to Boston Class B Airspace allows comfort with communications in one of America’s most active areas
  • Instructor/Student one-on-one training provides effective learning and retention
  • Affordable housing available
  • Several Examiners available locally, no wait upon completion of course
  • It sure is nice to fly in sunny weather every day, but here at Air Direct Airways, we train the professional pilot in real-world New England weather conditions that require skills not developed in sunny-weather flying

For more information for International Students:

Call (603) 882-5606 and talk to our International Student Specialist.