Annual Poker Run

Join us for Air Direct Airway’s Annual Poker Run to Benefit “Homes for our Troops”!

Start in Nashua or any other destination, and fly to some of New Hampshire’s finest airports to collect a card at each airport to benefit Homes for our Troops.

Buy in will be $25; pilots and passengers can buy as many hands as they wish. All proceeds go to the charity!

The event is open to everyone. No airplane? No Problem! We are sure somebody would be more than happy to take you along and introduce you to the joys of aviation.

Head out to collect your cards at 0800, and remember this is not a race, take your time, buy lunch and fuel – enjoy yourself.

After you collect your hand, come by the office on the Nashua Airport at 1500 for good food, provided generously by Midfield Café, socialization, and …prizes! Pilots and passengers with the best hands will receive generously-donated prizes: gift certificates, aviation fuel discounts, airplane and helicopter rides, flight instruction, and more!

4th Annual Poker Run

June 27th, 2015 0800-1500 lcl


Grand Prize: Marian Despres
1st Runner-Up: David Heath
2nd Runner-Up: Henry Plantier
3rd Runner-Up: Bob Kennet
4th Runner-Up: Dan Noe

2nd Annual Poker Run

August 10th, 2013 0900-1500 lcl


Grand Prize: Jeff Tarmey (four of a kind)
1st Runner-Up: Ron Willey (straight)
2nd Runner-Up: Bob Hough (three of a kind)
3rd Runner-Up: Jeff Ruck (2 pairs)
4th Runner-Up: Jeff O’Halloran (pair of kings)

1st Annual Poker Run

June 9th, 2012 0900-1500 lcl


Grand Prize: Andrew Long (with an ace-high flush)

1st Runner-Up: John Bourdon
2nd Runner-Up: Marian Despres
3rd Runner-Up: Jack Crowley
4th Runner-Up: Daniel Schmitz

Click here to see the letter we received for our donation.